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Monday, November 2, 2009

LA Unified to hold ground breaking for new Echo Park school

The Los Angeles Unified School District plans to hold a ground breaking ceremony next Monday for a new Echo Park elementary school after overcoming years of opposition and a lawsuit filed by neighborhood groups and residents.

Many residents had opposed the school -its working name is Central Regional Elementary School No. 14 - located southwest of Alvarado Street and Sunset Boulevard because it resulted the demolition of more than 50 homes and apartments at a time when enrollment had dropped sharply at nearby schools. After outlasting residents who had filed a lawsuit, the school district then butted heads with Echo Park Councilman Eric Garcetti over the size of the school and other features of the design. Garcetti eventually backed down but it looks like LA Unified won't even operate the campus when it opens. Under a program adopted earlier this year, charter school and other private groups will get a chance to run the new Echo Park school and other campuses being built by the district.

Construction on the new Echo Park school begins as a charter school has leased empty classrooms at nearby Logan Street Elementary School and Belmont High School will add middle school grades to take advantage of unused space.

The Eastsider has contacted the district to find out when the school will be open and if a final name has been selected.


  1. Thank you Eric for this lovely neighborhood turd.

  2. is it a public school or not? we went to the meeting today and they spoke about it being the best school and alleviating overcrowding at nearby schools. are you saying that whole production was a farce??